If you’re feeling disconnected with yourself, Wataflow is just what you needs. It helps you relax, reconnect with your body and let go. A place of no mind, but fluid pleasure and bliss.

A place where we can deeply connect with yourselves and experience self love. Whilst being softly moved in warm water and held in loving arms.

​Wataflow is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind aquatic body dance meditation. Becoming fluid and letting the water take you to all the streams deeply imbedded in your cellular body. Re-connecting with the natural rhythms of your breath and heartbeat. Finding a safe and sacred place within yourself, surrendering and allowing emotions and other blockages to be acknowledged, without judgement and beyond expectations or perception.

Using different Wataflow techniques and manoeuvres we promotes deep relaxation, settling the sympathetic nervous system and enhancing the parasympathetic relaxing response. The experience is a rebirth of sorts and development in letting go.

A chance to release limiting beliefs, patterns and habits. Giving you a new vision of life and a remembrance of your true authentic being that can embody the joy of existence.

Private sessions

The session starts with time for you to connect and share your personal experiences with water, any physical issues you are currently facing and traumas with acknowledgment of your wholeness. From there we begin to focus on your breath. It’s your breath that is able to bring you back home, to the first moment you come into this physical world. When you breathe with awareness, it can bring deep release on a physical, psychological and emotional level. Inspiring a more profound sense of presence and connection with yourself and others.

Floating devices are placed onto the legs of the receiver and we enter the water together. From there I guide you into the absence of gravity inside the water, while keeping the connection with your breath. I start to gently stretch and massage your body. Once the mind switches off, you can bring new awareness to the unhelpful and outdated behavioral patterns in a safe, gradual and tailored made water journey. Embodying what is and letting all tension be dissolved in this fluid timeless space. Arriving in stillness within movement. After the water journey, you will be guided back on land and there is a short grounding massage. To allow for further integration of the experience. .

Wataflow is given one-to-one, in a (heated) swimming pool in Belgium (close to Lokeren). A session takes roughly 120min, depending on everyone’s own unique journey. Wataflow is always given in series of three sessions. The investment in a session is 245,- euro including swimming pool fee and an integration following up by e-mail.

Most common benefits of Wataflow that has been observed with participants after 3 sessions:

  • Relief of stress and feeling less tension in your body
  • Emotional release and overcoming traumatic experiences
  • Releasing limiting beliefs, feeling save
  • Calming effects on your overall state of mind
  • Awareness of the body, mind and energy
  • Feeling energized
  • Experiencing more harmony within yourself

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