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Breathwork & Somatic movement

Journey inwards, as you use the breath as medicine. Where you can go into altered states of consciousness and have a deepening experiences of life.

Utrecht, 10th of March 2024

Diving into your Essence

A deepening journey into the wisdom of the body through energy, somatic movement, heart opening practices and womb wisdom. As we slowly and tenderly transcend within

 Belgium, 23th of March 2024

Breathwork & Somatic movement | Utrecht, 10th of March 2024


Breathwork takes you on a deep journey into yourself and creates a space for personal development and expands your ability to heal.

Join us for a deep journey inwards, working with the power of the breath and the wisdom of our bodies!

Frank, Georgie, Florine and Samenda take you on a SPIRITUS Breathwork journey. This Breathwork & Somatic Healing session numerous emotional, physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

What is Breathwork?
The 4 of us are certified in SPIRITUS Breathwork, that combines both a Shamanic and a Somatic approach to the healing arts of Breathwork, using a conscious connected breath cycle to quiet the analytical mind and free the body and subconscious. This science-backed technique allows for deep healing of the body and is also a beautiful, natural gateway to altered states of consciousness and spiritual expansion.

Our body remembers what our mind forgets: memories, emotions and trauma. By breathing this deep and connected way, we give ourselves the opportunity to release all that is stuck in our bodies, and all that is not ours to carry. This creates spaciousness and freedom.

By incorporating somatic healing, we use movement to release and shift energy in the body. During the breathwork you can receive energetic healing and bodywork.

About the facilitators

  • Florine’s work is an invitation to step into your original self. Remembering the Truth and opening into your heart-center. As an embodied energy and trauma-informed Somatic Practitioner and Breathwork facilitator, she is fueled by a deep desire to break free from conditioning and beliefs. With her presence, she meets each person with sincerity and loving awareness. She has her practice at different locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, where she holds sessions, day events and international retreats to guide you into deep transformation.
  • Samenda Bauer is a Somatic Intimacy coach who specializes in coaching solo’s towards secure self-love and an authentic love life they can’t get enough of. With her trauma-informed facilitation in Breathwork, Somatics, and tantra, she specializes in helping people connect to their body, intuition and authenticity in self-love, intimacy and relationships. She has an online coaching business where she helps her clients internationally and facilitates events and retreats internationally, both in-person and online. Read more on
  • Georgina Rose is a trauma-informed Breathwork and Somatics Facilitator, as well as a Reiki and Energy Worker and yoga teacher. With Georgina Rose’s 8 years of working in the healing arts, she brings a wealth of experience to support individuals to find safety and connection to their bodies and reawaken to their most authentic selves.
  • Frank Heddes is a Trauma Informed Facilitator & Emotional Healer. He specializes in guiding people who have lost connection with themselves. He reconnects people with their feelings. Out of their heads, into their bodies. With his extensive background in Spiritus Breathwork and Somatic Healing level 1 and 2, Shamanism, Hypnosis, and Plant Medicine, he is passionate to reconnect you with your body and feeling the experience of who you deeply are. He has his practice in Spanbroek and facilitates sessions, events and retreats internationally, both in person and online. Read more at

The benefits of breathwork go beyond the session and can create sustainable changes in your life in many difference areas:

  • Increase of confidence and self- image
  • Developing self-awareness and acceptance
  • Heart expansion
  • Release of old baggage, trauma, suppressed emotions and to shift negative behavioral patterns
  • Increase resilience and boosting immunity
  • Heightening of energy
  • Increase joy and happiness
  • Sustainable and lasting emotional healing of long-held negative thoughts, patterns & experiences
  • Healing and integrating fear, shame and guild
  • Increased fulfillment, vitality and joy
  • Reduction of anxiety and grief
  • Reducing stress
  • Physiological healing (70% of toxins are released from the lungs through the breath)
  • A boost to your immune system, health and overall wellbeing
  • Greater connection to and strengthening of relationships
  • New understanding and embodiment of transformational life skills
  • Discover and embody personal power
  • Reduced co-dependence
  • Greater alignment to your purpose and increased positive abundance
  • Enriches creativity
  • Forgiveness, compassion and understanding
  • Greater Spiritual connection

Safety is of upmost importance for us. Due to the nature of this work, the deep processes and breathwork there are certain contraindications that will stop you from being able to attend.
*High blood pressure
*Diagnosed Severe PTSD
*Severe mental health conditions (bipolar, schizophrenia, psychosis)
*Currently taking heavy medication that alters brain chemistry (anti-depressant, antianxiety, anti-psychotic)
*Detached Retina
*Recent physical injuries, fractures and/or surgeries
*History or diagnosis of aneurysms
*Cardiovascular problems
*History of seizures
*Severe Asthma
*Heart disease
*Heart conditions
*Hospitalization for any psychiatric condition, emotional crisis, spiritual emergence within the past 3 years
*Any other medical, psychiatric or physical conditions that would impair or affect your ability to engage in activities involving intense physical and/or emotional release.



Date: 10th of March 2024
Time: 15:00h
Location: Utrecht, Netherlands
Facilitated by: Florine Gabriël, Georgie, Samenda & Frank (Trained by Tim Morrison).

Investment: € 96,-  (includes Breathwork, Somatic movement, snacks & tea). Deposited is €46,- exclusive service fee (Eventbrite). Register via the following link: Breathwork & Somatic movement Tickets, Meerdere data | Eventbrite. After signing up you’ll receive the last information by email.

Diving into your Essence | 23th of March 2024


The last few years Florine has met thousands of people in sessions throughout Europe, as well as Rita who has started her facilitating journey a couple of yours ago and meets people in there different stages of life. After all these years we both feel it is time to celebrate out essence. Grateful for co- creating a field of togetherness, joy, awareness and core remembrance.

This day- event is really about diving into the essential pieces of your core, as you celebrate and liberate them. Who are you and what moves within and outside of you? Where can we give space and freedom to the untold parts of you? Celebrating this expansion into your essence with like- hearted beings, as we open ourselves to Spring!

We will start the day with a heartwarming mama cacao ceremony, which invites us to connect with our hearts. To open and move through the different layers of density and remembrance. Through our authentic voice and dance we allow the energy – our truth – to take up more and more space in movement and sound. What does it mean to take your space, to let your voice be heard and move your body freely?

Lunch break and time to integrate, journal, share and be.

From there we sink into somatic bodywork, where we easefully enter from the surface into the depths of our BEING where we use emotional discharge/release tools to let go of what no longer serves us. Giving space for the essential qualities to come forward. As we journey further into an extra long Heart Attunement – energy transmission session to open even more to the potential of liberation.

Journaling, connecting with nature and an delicious vegan dinner

We end this special day with a soft and loving connection with the wisdom in our energetic womb-space, which everyone has, no matter if your physically born as a woman or man. To listen, softly and with compassion, so that you may hear the wisdom speaking through you, as you. To a place from which everything arises and a place called home.

Let’s Celebrate the wisdom that your essence beholds!

*If you have done sessions with Rita, or Florine in the past, we warmly invite you to come and dive deeply within. To dance, sing, feel, meet and expand together in depth. So that we may remember that we are not alone and have the possibility to create a vortex together. If you have done sessions with a colleague of ours, please reach out and let’s connect.


Date: 23th of March, 2024
Time: 10:30 – 20:30 hours
Location: Berlare, Belgium
Facilitated by:  Rita & Florine
Investment: € 222,-  (includes Heart Attunement, Sacred Cacao, Somatic movement, Kundalini bodywork, Womb wisdom, Dance, delicious soul food and snacks & tea). Deposited is 122 euro exclusive service fee (Eventbrite). Register via the following link Diving into your essence day-retreat Tickets, Meerdere data | Eventbrite. After signing up you’ll receive the last information by email.

The experience of others

— Annemarie Vissers —

“I absolutely love my sessions with Florine. Her energy, warmth, and her ability to create a safe space where you can be yourself, have helped me to go back to the essence and discover the potential we all have to live a more truthful and happy life.

— Lotte —

“I remember my first Heart- Attunement sessions with Florine. I heard her singing along with the music. It was so beautiful to listen to. I’m so happy with how you express yourself during the sessions and share your voice with the world to hear.”

Can’t join now, but definitely feeling it?

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