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Spiritus breathwork & Somatic movement

Journey inwards, as you use the breath as medicine. Where you can go into altered states of consciousness and have a deepening experiences of life.

Rotterdam 7th of October 2023

Inner Activation

A beautiful opportunity to attune your system body-mind-spirit. To reach more potential and awareness in your levels of connection, inner peace and giftedness. You come out charged, focused and energetic.

Schoorl, November 2023

Breathwork & Somatic movement | 7th of October 2023

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Breathwork takes you on a deep journey into yourself and creates a space for personal development and expands your ability to heal(breath).

The Breath is the greatest Gift we have been given and we can learn to use it as Medicine

The style of breathwork I offer is deeply rooted in shamanism, trauma informed space holding, somatic and emotional release. Connecting the inhale with the exhale consciously and continuously is a powerful and safe breathing technique that opens this bridge and gives you access to parts of your nervous system that aren’t under the control of your conscious mind and provides an opportunity for the body to organically express, release and to journey within unrestricted by the mind or ego.

Moving into somatic and emotional release tools will help you to deepen your journey as you go. As well as the safe and sacred space created where you can open. This will let you remember the wisdom and somatic healing power of your breath and give you an understanding of the body and it’s trauma’s. Transforming your projections into new realities and connecting with the infinite bliss within.

Would you like to dive into the sacred medicine of the breath? Let yourself be guide by the ancient wisdom? Connect with the pieces within you that feel stuck or disconnected?

This breathwork session will give you an opportunity to dive deep in a safe and loving space.

The benefits of breath work go beyond the session and can create sustainable changes in your life in many difference areas:

  • Increase of confidence and self- image
  • Developing self-awareness and acceptance
  • trauma release
  • Increase resilience and boosting immunity
  • Heightening of energy
  • Increase joy and happiness
  • Sustainable and lasting emotional healing of long-held negative thoughts, patterns & experiences
  • Healing and integrating fear, shame, guilt and trauma
  • Reduction of anxiety and grief
  • Release of stress patterns
  • Greater connection to and strengthening of relationships
  • New understanding and embodiment of transformational life skills
  • Discover and embody personal power
  • Reduced co-dependence
  • Enriches creativity
  • Forgiveness, compassion and understanding
  • Greater Spiritual connection

Let’s breath together

There will be small snacks and tea provided after the session so that you can slowly touch ground, before we close the circle.

Date: 7th of October 2023
Time: 10.00 to 13:30 hours
Location: Rotterdam
Facilitated by:  Florine Gabriël
Investment: € 96,- (includes somatic movement, emotional release tools, breathwork, snack, tea and a deepening journey into the expansion. 

Deposit and register is done via the link below. After signing up you’ll receive the last information by email.

Spiritus Breathwork & Somatic movement Tickets, Meerdere data | Eventbrite

Inner Activation | November 2023


Inner Activation is a day where your system (body-mind-spirit) is completely immersed. This is how you reach new levels of connection, inner peace and awareness. You will leave energized, recharged and focused.

  • Ready to continue living on a higher frequency?
  • Do you look for a full and encompassing immersion?
  • Ready to let go of old patterns and programs?

You can expect a fully catered day that will activate your whole system (body, mind & spirit). Surrounded by amazing like-hearted people eager to take responsibility over their lives.

A brief program description:
* Sacred Cacao ceremony and Somatic movement
* Heart Attunement- Energy transmission session
* Breathwork
* Manifestation practices
* Sound bath
* Delicious soul food


Date: November 2023
Time: 10:00 – 20:00h
Location: Schoorl, Holland
Facilitated by: Florine Gabriël & Avalon
€ 222,- (includes Heart Attunement, Sacred Cacao, Somatic movement, Breathwork, sound bath, delicious soul food and snacks & tea) in co-creation with Avalon. Deposited is 122 euro exclusive service fee (Eventbrite). Register via the following link Inner Activation Tickets, Meerdere data | Eventbrite. After signing up you’ll receive the last information by email.

The experience of others

— Annemarie Vissers —

“I absolutely love my sessions with Florine. Her energy, warmth, and her ability to create a safe space where you can be yourself, have helped me to go back to the essence and discover the potential we all have to live a more truthful and happy life.

— Lotte —

“I remember my first KAP sessions with Florine. I heard her singing along with the music. It was so beautiful to listen to. I’am so happy with how you express yourself during the sessions and share your voice with the world to hear.”

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