Heart Attunement – energy transmission (before KAP)

Do you feel called to dive into who you truly are? Longing to connect and live your own life beyond the roles that you have been playing out? Want to walk through life from your hearts- wisdom? 

The session is all about a deep connectedness with source, through the gateways of your heart. Where you will have an unfiltered experience that leads to a fresh and uncensored life experience of You-ness. From both a perspective and a felt sense -experience.

Saying YES to authenticity, power, change, truth and awareness. 

Life is about embodied experiences

In these years of facilitating, seeing over thousands of people in the sessions and witnessing their processes, I realized life is not about fastness, quick fixes or highs. We are unable to hold this intensity.

This means that the sessions have shifted from the focus on a direct Kundalini Transmission (before KAP) that activates the Kundalini Awakening process, to first and foremost a deep connection with your heart-space. Within your heart, you have the possibility and opportunity to open and connect with Source. To feel the space of deep resonance while opening into unconditional love. As you journey into the remembrance that life is calling you to open your gateways into the infinite connection with the Divine.

From this awareness the new name Heart Attunement came to birth. 

Opening into surrender & trust

From that awareness we slowly, softly and with ease go into the density of the feminine energy (lower three chakras). Where we tend to hold trauma’s and (negative) beliefs, as well as our creativity, power, authenticity and life force energy.This is a path of opening into surrender and trust, not of the will and therefore different to other self-generating willful practices (such as kundalini yoga, tantra, breathwork etc.).

It’s a natural energetic process that can bring you to the deepest layers of your being, the moment you fully trust and sink into the process. As the energetic intelligence is guiding you into the parts of you that have been hidden and suppressed or, into states of deep bliss, remembrance and realizations.

Join a session and have your own unique experience

During the unique session you may have different experiences like physical, emotional, visual, outer body experiences, or states of bliss can arise. Inner child, family lines and past life experiences are often mentioned after sessions too. As a profound rewiring of the central nervous system happens with continued exposure.

We all know how to work hard and run-in life, but can we also slow down? Allowing yourself to have multiple experiences and surrender into the safety of your own body. Join a session and have your own unique experience.

Special edition group sessions

The sessions are different then most other (KAP) sessions offered worldwide. In a Heart Attunement session there is more time and space to ground yourself and arrive. To receive the energetic transmission through the path of opening into trust and faith. Which will lead into self-awareness and attunement. Sharing the importance integration and grounding, the true session starts, the moment you exit the venue and take ownership of your integrating process. This is when the transformation begins. The session is held with a small and intimate group.

During the session you lie down on a yoga mat, while music is played and your eyes are closed. As the facilitator I may touch or press some of the chakra or meridian points on your body. This is what happens from the outside, yet doesn’t grasp the deepening experience that happens inside of you. This is a unique experience for each individual.

Quote Florine

“When you allow yourselves to first find and connect with our safe space within, you learn to hold yourself in the different aspects of life. I am not searching outside to find a safe space, I have arrived within.”

The location

There are sessions held at different location throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. To have the most beneficial experience, it is advised to participate in at least three to five sessions. This deepens the integration process and  embodiment not only during the session, but also in your daily life. It is best if the sessions are shortly after one another (monthly).

Netherlands:                        Belgium:

  • Amsterdam                     – Brasschaat
  • The Hague                      – Berlare
  • Utrecht
  • Rotterdam
  • Oosterbeek (Arnhem)
  • Breda

Most common benefits that have been observed with participants who have done multiple sessions:

  • Embodiment
  • Taking ownership of life
  • Leadership
  • Clearness in which direction you want to go
  • Experiencing more harmony within yourself
  • Remembrance of your true self and purpose
  • Relief of stress and feeling less tension in your body
  • Emotional release and overcoming traumatic experiences
  • Understanding and releasing restrictive beliefs
  • Calming effects on your overall state of mind
  • Awareness of the body, mind and energy
  • Feeling energized
  • Peeling away the layers of conditioned on a mental, emotional and spiritual level
  • Living in awareness rather than patterns
  • Spiritually awakened and the experience of oneness