The style of breathwork I offer is deeply rooted in shamanism, trauma informed space holding, somatic and emotional release. Connecting the inhale with the exhale consciously and continuously is a powerful and safe breathing technique that opens this bridge and gives you access to parts of your nervous system that aren’t under the control of your conscious mind and provides an opportunity for the body to organically express, release and to journey within unrestricted by the mind or ego.

The body remembers

When you breathe in a conscious and connective way, you can get into your own rhythm and access your body’s innate healing power. Our body remembers what our mind has forgotten. As our body holds memories, emotions and traumas from this life time and before.

When you breath with awareness and dive into your inner world, you give yourselves permission to release these repressed energies from your body. Being able to release and dissolve anything that is no longer ours to hold onto. And when we do, we create spaciousness and freedom from within, as you five into your personal healing journey.


The difference in these guided Breathwork journeys is that these are an active process between you and me. I’m present with you the entire journey, following your process and depending on what flows through during the session, I can support you with any movement, body work, emotional express and release, energy work or any personal guidance that is necessary in the moment. That you may create freedom and liberation from within.

The sessions are given in groups or 1:1. The group sessions are mostly offered in Amsterdam, or at Day- events and Immersions (multiple days journeys).

The duration of a 1:1 session you will be guided through a 75 minute breathwork journey. Where we start with connective breathing and end the journey with a nourishing restorative phase to integrate the deep work you have done. The total duration of the session is approximately 2 hours and takes place in Breda, Netherlands. To fully sink into the process, it is advised to have at least 3 breathwork sessions. The session is given live.

Safe space

It all starts with the base as we open-up our inner world, a space where you will be held with great safety and care. And experience the sacredness and safeness to really dive into your process, as I use physical, mental and energetic techniques to support you during the session. This allows for the opening of the body and breath that is it ready for.


No prior experience is necessary, just a willingness to explore and journey into the possibilities of the unknown and the self. 

Benefits of Breathwork

The benefits of breath work go beyond the session and create lasting and sustainable changes in our lives in many difference areas:

  • Increase of confidence and self- image
  • Letting go of trauma
  • Developing self-awareness and acceptance
  • Increase resilience and boosting immunity
  • Heightening of energy
  • Increase joy and happiness
  • Sustainable and lasting emotional healing of long-held negative thoughts, patterns & experiences
  • Healing and integrating fear, shame, guilt and trauma
  • Reduction of anxiety and grief
  • Release of stress patterns
  • Greater connection to and strengthening of relationships
  • New understanding and embodiment of transformational life skills
  • Discover and embody personal power
  • Reduced co-dependence
  • Enriches creativity
  • Forgiveness, compassion and understanding
  • Greater Spiritual connection

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