1:1 Journey – how can I support you?

What brings you here? What makes you stand still or dance? Where does your unique path lead you to?

Can you truly slow down, soften and connect? Can you, as you follow your breath, notice the wisdom within your being? Feel into what makes your heart sing, or how does it reveal the emotions hidden in the darkness and shadows of your existence?

In the vastness of life, we get easily tangled in past stories and systems. Noticing the trap of the old, but are unable to get out. I am here to guide you on a journey where we dive unraveling the stuck parts inside of you and revealing your true potential and power.

In the last few years I have met thousands of people. Guiding them on their path, during sessions and retreats. Yet there is a growing demand for one-on-one guidance. A special and unique program for you. 


Awareness into the now

As we often feel stuck in our horizontal everyday life in society, relationship and family, we can deeply feel a sense of loss. Not feeling at ease in the roles you play out and a sense of not belonging. You feel that there is a divine path for you, but are unable to navigate the steps.

That’s is where I come in and help you on your journey. In the intimacy of multiple session we will go in- depth of your personal process and needs. What holds you back and where is there space to grow? Where can you sink deeper into trust and faith, and easeful lean back into life?

I am here to guide on an unique journey of remembrance, empowerment and attunement. So that you may be fully awake and aligned in life. Being able to anchor yourself, feel your inner strength and power. A journey into the depth of your being, in your divine timing and where we slowly let your strength emerge. Knowing your direction and unique path.


Let’s start now!

1 : 1 journey

A custom made journey of 6 – 12 sessions, depending on your request. Where I will guide you through different somatic modalities, self expression, communication skills, inner awakening, energywork, heart attunement, self-love practice, breathwork, believe systems, family-lines, inner child pieces and more as we go on the journey together and I adept to your unique needs.

This allows you to dive into the process in an intimate and safe setting. A space where you can feel into the contracted parts within yourself and are invite into expansion. As we journey with ease and from an anchored place.

Invest in yourself, as this is the base and essence of your existence this life-time. The investment of a 1:1 tailored made journey is 95,- euro per hour. The session takes about 1.5- 2,5 hours depending on the things that come up and we work with. For more information, let’s plan a call so that we can attune where I can be of service to you. The sessions are held in Breda, the South of Holland. Where you can park easily and for free.


“Who are you? – Guiding you into your depth”

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