My offerings have a holistic approach and with an focus on self- empowerment and centeredness. Which helps you to improve on an emotional, spiritual and physical level.

I offer a range of different session including Somatic Bodywork techniques, Breathwork, Kundalini Activation Process, ThetaHealing and Waterflow.

Kundalini Activation Process

Welcome in the KAP – Special edition sessions in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Oosterbeek and Breda. In Belgium there are sessions facilitated in Brasschaat and Berlare.


Using the art of breath and somatic healing, to journey back into breath-awareness, alignment and trust. The sessions are offered 1:1 in Breda, Netherlands, or in groups during Immersions and One-day events.

1:1 coaching

We all have our journeys in life where we feel flow and where we get stuck. I am here to guide you back home. Unravealing the parts that have been hidden. That you may be able to see the beauty of life, your unique gifts and power.


The effective technique of ThetaHealing helps you to rewrite (negative) believe systems and programs in our DNA. The sessions are 1:1 and take place in Breda – NL.


Wataflow is a one-of-a-kind aquatic body-movement meditation, where you have the opportunity to align with yourself on a cellular level. The sessions are 1:1 and held in a heated swimming pool.

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