My offerings have a holistic approach focused on self- empowerment, alignment and we offer a holistic approach focused on self-empowerment, alignment, and embodiment. This approach helps you improve emotionally, spiritually, and physically. 

I offer a range of different modalities including Heart Attunement – Energy transmission, Breathwork, ThetaHealing, Waterflow, 1:1 Journeys, Somatic Bodywork techniques and movement.

Heart Attunement - Energy transmission

Connect with the deeper layers of your heart and receive energy transmission that helps you open to unconditional love. Sessions are offered in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Utilize the art of breath and somatic healing to return to breath awareness, alignment, and trust. The sessions are availble in Breda, Netherlands and during one-day events or Immersions.

1:1 coaching

Every life journey has moments of flow and stagnation. I guide you to uncover hidden parts and see the beauty of life, your unique gifts, and power.


An effective technique to rewrite negative beliefs in our DNA. One-on-one sessions are offered in Breda, Netherlands.


A unique aquatic body-movement meditation that aligns you on a cellular level. Sessions take place in a heated pool.

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