‘Immersion into the Feminine’

Maria Magdalena

Awakening into the ancient wisdom of the Divine Feminine | 11th – 15th of June 2024 | France

Do you feel the resonance to connect with the scred wisdom within and journey into the tender layers of your feminine existence? Connecting from the present, into the past and future? Meeting others that feel the calling too, as you walk together a path of remembering  the ancient wisdom that vibrates in every cell of our being.

The ‘Immersion into the feminine – journeying with Mary Magdalena’ is an unique and transformational woman’s only retreat that guides you into the sacredness of your heart and the feminine mysteries. Opening into soft layers of magic, ritual and wisdom. Journeying into the density, darkness and secrets that lay hidden into your being. To reveal the unspoken parts and bring it into awareness and light. To unite in the sacredness of our existence into one. Deeply connected with the Maria Magdalena energy, that cracks our hearts open and initiates us with love. In a dance of receiving the remembrance of your divine self. From maiden to maiden, woman to woman, mother to mother, we meet in unity.


Honoring the woman within

Embodied & Empowered

The Immersion into the Feminine offers an unique experience to come into a state of receiving and allowing yourself to come into a deep feminine reality. Where we can experience being touched by life, from moment to moment.

Entering a space of mystery that unfolds itself in it’s divine timing. Remembering the ancientness that is right in front of you, ready to be seen, heard and revealed. To be integrated and shared into the now, as we journey through different architypes, temples and rituals.

While staying at the foot of the mountain, we will go together to the LA-SAINTE-BAUME and the GROTTE DE SAINTE MARIE MADELEINE, where we will journey up to the grotto where the energy of the forest and this sacred place is beyond powerful. as we walk along a tranquil trail through the forest on a path that has been walked for centuries by holy beings and others in Pilgrimage, arriving at the beautiful cave. This mountain called Mother of Waters, has been considered sacred ground for thousands of years. The energy of the divine feminine is strong here. There are many versions of Mary’s life in Egypt, England, Provence France, Languedoc France and elsewhere – several of which said she was part of the Isis lineage as was Mother Mary. Some say there were sacred ceremonies done in the cave in the traditions of the priestesses of Isis. You are encouraged to let go of what you think to be the truth and allow the divine feminine energy to connect to your heart. To open in an infinite space of deep surrender and allowing the initiations naturally take place. At the CHAPEL ST. PILON it is said that Mary Magdalene was raised up here by angels. A place that invites you to connect with the angels too. Feeling the holding of the space in your best good.

THE MAGICAL AND ELUSIVE CAVE OF EGGS – YONI CAVE is a secret cave along the mountain crest, named as the place of rebirth and hidden from the public eye. We will journey through the forest and start a journey of silence as we enter this holy space of remembrance and ancient transmissions. A place where we can experience the presence of Mary Magdalene and deeply connect with the feminine power within, as we journey through the entrance of the yoni cave into the womb of the divine.

Throughout the retreat we’ll be working with a variety of powerful tools like, sacred rituals, shamanic journeys, movement, meditation, the power of devotion and prayer, visualization, feminine embodiment and ecstasy, dance, breathwork, process guide exercises, voice work and energy transmissions all in the privacy of our oasis in the middle of nature.

A journey to:

  • Connect with the sacred woman
  • Receive the initiations from this sacred space
  • Awaken and embody your feminine power
  • Remember ancient wisdom
  • Reconnect with your -inner-  voice
  • Connecting with your spiritual guides
  • Self embodiment and leadership
  • Connecting with your intuition
  • Expressing truth
  • Womb connection
  • Co-creating with woman 
  • Heighten your energy frequency 
  • Feeling more alignment 
  • Creating a temple and altar in life

Maison Rouge

The ‘Immersion into the Feminine’ is a 5 day / 4 night experience, that will be held in a beautiful sanctuary in the green surrounding of the mystical mountains of the South of France. Maison Rouge is a beautiful and nourishing place to connect deeply with the ancient wisdom within.

Here you have all the space to slow down and integrate all the transformation we go through during these five days. All while being surrounded by breath-taking nature with a beautiful view, just underneath and at walking distance to Saint Baume, where the ancient energy of Mary Magdalene rests.

At the retreat, a local culinary chef called Julie, will create delicious and healthy meals. Her passion for cooking intertwines with a deep conviction in the healing essence of nature and with love. She is often found in nature, where she forages here ingredients. Crafting vegetarian dishes that are nourishing, vibrant with local, natural and seasonal ingredients.

Let yourself be surprised by the unknown mystery into the feminine. A true journey of remembrance, meeting in a temple space and allowing yourself to fully open yourself without perceptions or pre-made assumptions. This is a safe and sacred space for you to start your journey inwards, as we meet in the intimacy of a women, close, raw and sacred.

Example of a day program:

  • Meditation/ sungazing with the morning sun
  • Healthy & light breakfast
  • First group session
    • Journey towards the Grotto of Mary Magdalene
    • Calling in the ancient wisdom & transmission
    • Journaling & integration
    • Heart Attunement
  • Abundant lunch
  • Second group session
    • Somatic movement and dance
    • Creating the temple of the Feminine
    • Partner work – Journey together
    • Sharing circle
  • Delicious dinner
  • Integration time
    • Cacao circle
    • free time
  • Slowing down into a nourishing sleep


There are a few options to travel towards Maison Rouge in the South of France. You can easefully come by car from Holland (1222km from Utrecht) or Belgium, it would be an ideal way to unwind, take your time and make it into a longer integration road trip. There is also an option to travel together and start the journey at home.

Take the train, or flight to Marseille, as there will be a coordinated taxi service (extra fee) from Marseille airport 13:30h to the venue. There is the possibility (recommended) to stay one night longer on request (extra fee of €75) until the next morning. Giving you more time to be and integrate.

Investment of the Immersion into the Feminine

The investment includes 5- days stay at the beautiful wooden Maison Rouge Hotel, at the foot of the mountain of Mary Magdalene. Local and mostly organic meals catered by our exceptional local chef Julie.

All group workshops, multiple Sacred Pilgrimage to the secret cave and Mary Magdalene sacred site are included. Plus a Q&A to support your process.

The group will be exclusive and intimate with a maximum number of 9 people. A private Telegram group for connection and a Zoom-call will take place before & after the retreat to share and integrate further.

Rest, receive, remember and rejuvenation.

A priceless, transformative, deeply nourishing and liberating experience in the most magical location in the South of France with heart centered women. Last but not least, an unforgettable experience that will change your life!

  • The investment in a beautiful shared room with a shared queen size bed (160), a single bed and ensuite bathroom (3 people per room) is € 1285*
  • The investment in a beautiful shared room with a shared queen size bed (160) and ensuite bathroom (2 people per room) is € 1395*
  • The investment in a beautiful shared room with twin beds and ensuite bathroom (2 people per room) is € 1495**
  • The investment in a beautiful private room with ensuite bathroom and balcony € 2444*

*Payment plan is possible, reach out to hear more about it.


On the 11th of June we start at 16:00h and you’ll be warmly welcomed at Maison Rouge. We will easefully close the Immersion into the Feminine Saturday 15th of June around 16:00h. You have the opportunity to stay a night longer (extra fee of €70) and integrate until the next morning.

The last information will be send out as soon as you sign up. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Are you ready to re-connect with your Divine Feminine, Awaken your heart,
Activate your wisdom and say YES to you?

We will go together on a journey of healing, awakening, laugher, emotional release, exploration, expanding pleasure, fun and bliss and RISE anew.

Over the course of this beautifully transformative week together, you will experience the profound healing energy of Mary Magdalene, right at the foot of the magnificent sacred site and in the French countryside of Southern France.

Come and join to open your heart, fully embody your divine feminine power and awaken to your radiance.

About the creators

Florine Gabriel’s (NL) work is based on the values of awakening, integrated connectiveness and connectiveness. She believes in the wisdom of the divine that is here to guide us, the moment we open our hearts and sink into having trust and faith.

Over the years she has done multiple trainings around self-development, transformation and communication. Voice- work and somatic embodiment are very present in her life. As she recognizes the power of your (true) voice and the density of the integrated embodiment.

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