‘Immersion into the Feminine’

Maria Magdalena

Awakening into the ancient wisdom of the Divine Feminine | 11th – 15th of June 2024 | France

Do you feel the resonance to connect with the sacred wisdom within and journey into the tender layers of your feminine existence? Connecting from the present, into the past and future? Meeting others that feel the calling too, as you walk together a path of remembering  the ancient wisdom that vibrates in every cell of our being. Working around the theme’s:

Where are you playing out the ‘good’ girl?

What is magic that you are hiding within?

Where are you not fully allowing yourself to be free and liberated?

Who are you when you are an embodied woman?

The ‘Immersion into the feminine – journeying with Mary Magdalena‘ is an unique and transformational woman’s only retreat that guides you into the sacredness of your heart and the feminine mysteries. Opening into soft layers of magic, ritual and wisdom. Journeying into the density, darkness and secrets that lay hidden into your being. To reveal the unspoken parts and bring it into awareness and light.

Opening into a state of receiving and allowing yourself to remember the feminine within. She is wild, liberated, free, raw, soft, tender, warm, fluid, compassionate and so much more. It will be a week where we can experience being truly touched by life.

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