From me

I have always sensed a lot, not just within myself, but also around me. It felt like a deep inner voice was coming right through me. Remembering and realizing that I have a purpose in life.

Awakening the awareness into the collective, as we are waking up together. Opening the gates of our hearts, into the center of the universe and bringing that wisdom into into the embodied experiences as a human. That’s when we become innovators of a new world.

I love and I breath. I feel and sense.
I am open
I am that, that I am


Florine Gabriel’s (NL) work is based on the values of awakening, integrated connectiveness and consciousness. She believes in the wisdom of the divine that is here to guide us, the moment we open and sink into having trust and faith.

Over the years she has done multiple trainings around self-development, transformation and communication. Voice- work and somatic embodiment are very present in her life. As she recognizes the power of your (true) voice and the density of the integrated embodiment.

She finished a Breathwork facilitator training with Tim Morrison in 2022. And has done multiple studies in ThetaHealing (Game of Life and Intuitive Anatomy etc.) since 2021. Through this training she connects you with source, guiding you through your limiting believe systems and supporting you into an aligned, free and purposeful life.

She is an accredited KAP facilitator and has directly trained with the transmission vehicle and Venant Wong (founder of KAP) and is part of the first group of KAP – facilitators in Europe (2019). Through her embodiment, she is able to transmit a unique KAP frequency, sometimes activating a lasting ability to see and perceive energy. She has studied with Pi Villaraza of Inner Dance in the Phillipines in 2020 and with Elliott Saxby in 2021 of the Kundalini Bodywork school in Switzerland. She is a Wataflow (water therapy) facilitator, trained with Oceano based in Ibiza in 2018. Furthermore, Florine is an Embodied Flow yoga teacher (2018).

In our inner community, there are no teachers or healers. There are only those who journey to self-healing together, arriving at a shared context and our common languages” Pi Villaraza

Sinds 2017 Florine started her path of mindfulness in Plum Village, by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. He is a great inspiration in her life, changing the journey towards a more healthy and balanced life, where mindfulness and meditation is inclusive. Florine has a background in education (Steiner/ Waldorf teacher). She is a beloved singer that brightens you up with her loving and authentic voice and values embodiment and integration.


I looked inwards, to all that there is within the past and present,
my stories and conditioning.

The life I’ve lived and all the connection from before.
I have sensed the different sensations that came along and started to let go of all what needed to be let go of.

Recognizing and acknowledging the depth, it’s sadness and glories. Nourishing, loving and listening to the wisdom that was there to be seen within the different experiences.

Here I am, still in the process of life, yet embracing what is.
Grateful to be here.