Self- awareness & transformation retreat | 23rd – 28th of April 2024 | Spain

Is there somewhere deep within a longing for more? A longing for a different kind of life—one with more freedom, more abundance, more aliveness, more love, more joy, more health, more depth, more purpose, more soul, more of something! It shows up differently for each us, but the knowing is the same, “There’s more!”

That’s where I come in. I’m here to show you how to not just touch into those feelings of aliveness, purpose and soul, but to live every moment with them as your constant companions.

The ‘Immersion of Expansion’ is a transformational journey, which takes you right back to this place of deep aliveness and joy within. Diving inwards and lovingly peeling away the layers of your limiting beliefs, programs and conditioning. As we touch the parts that feel unseen or unworthy. No stone is left unturned. Heal on multiple levels, whether it be emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. You will be leaving with a deep sense of awakening.

During this unique retreat you will be enabled to surrender fully to your own process. I will gently guide you into the depth of your being, beyond your stories, into your giftedness. To a place where we will meet the more raw and edgy parts that make you who you truly are. So that you may soar above the identification of your ego and fall in love with the vastness and beauty of your own divine being.

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A new chapter of your life starts here

The Immersion of Expansion offers unique energy awakening, healing-, empowerment and joyful- practices that will assist you to reach your highest potential with plenty of space for you to simply be. As we get absorbed in life and search for the answers outside, we will bring your awareness inward, into your inner world that needs to be touched and seen. As we immerse ourselves into the expansion within.

In the intensity of our past, we hold traumas and pain (un-)consciously in our body. The body truly keeps the score! These belief systems and surviving mechanisms color our present and future life.

I often ask if the reality you are living in is your utmost truth? Does this give you the fulfillment, satisfaction and richness you​’r​e longing for? And who are you beyond the roles that you have played out thus far? Or who would you like to be if you can take them off and create your own?

This retreat is there to guide you on a journey inside to explore who you are. To awaken your potential, heal, transform and start the journey of becoming who you truly are.

Throughout the retreat we’ll be working with a variety of powerful tools, movement, meditation, visualization, embodiment, dance, breathwork, boundaries, emotional release tools, process guide exercises and tools, systemic work (family constellation), vocal work and energy transmissions all in the privacy of our oasis in the middle of nature. Entering a space to transform pain into pleasure, aliveness and peace.

Besides this you’ll receive 1:1 session with Joan and Florine to guide you along the way. You shall be completely taken care of, as we dive together into your greatness and bring your life to a higher vibrational state of being. Innating your inner wisdom and deepening the connection as a spiritual being.

A journey to:

  • Awaken your inner wisdom
  • Celebrating life and living in joy
  • Deepen the connection with your spiritual guides
  • Self embodiment
  • Connecting with your intuition
  • Awaken your unique gifts
  • Expressing your truth from a anchored base
  • Inner healing work
  • Letting go of trauma’s
  • Letting go go of limiting beliefs
  • Co-creating with life
  • Heighten your vibration
  • Integrating somatic movement
  • Receive different tools to help you on your journey

Masia el Puig

The ‘Immersion of Expansion’ is a 6 day / 5 night experience, that will be held in a beautiful sanctuary in the green mystical mountains of Northern Spain. Masia el Puig is the perfect place to recharge and rejuvenate.

Here you have all the space to slow down and integrate all the transformation we go through during these six days. All while being surrounded by breath-taking nature with infinite views over the valley. To nourish all parts of the soul, you will be provided with delicious fresh organic vegetarian and vegan meals, made with lots of love by the chef. Connected with your soul, grounded in your body

Let yourself be surprised by the unknown mystery. So that you may fully open yourself without perceptions or pre-made assumptions. This is a safe and sacred space for you to open and start your journey inwards.

NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, WE NEED space to step outside of the world, TO NOURISH AND HEAL

Example of a day program:

  • Meditation
  • Healthy breakfast
  • First group session
  • Abundant lunch
  • Second group session
  • 1:1 sessions – integration time – free time
  • Delicious dinner
  • 1:1 sessions – integration time – free time
  • Slowing down into a good night sleep


There are a few options to travel towards Masia el Puig. Arriving by flight at BCN airport, or by car. If you choose to drive by car from Holland (1414km from Utrecht) or Belgium, it would be an ideal way to unwind, take your time and make it into a longer trip. There will be a coordinated taxi service (40 euro) from the airport (BCN) to the venue on the 23th of April (arrival in BCN should be before 13:30h) and departure on the 28th (after 18:00h). There is the possibility to stay one night longer on request.

Investment of the Immersion of Expansion

The investment includes 6 days/5 nights staying at a luxury boutique Hotel, serving delicious fresh vegetarian/vegan food.

All group workshops and 1:1 sessions to support your process.

The group will be exclusive and intimate with a maximum number of 12 people. Last but not least, an unforgettable experience that will change your life!

  • The investment in a beautiful shared room with ensuite bathroom (2 people) is € 1585*
  • The investment in a beautiful couples room with ensuite bathroom and balcony  € 1685*
  • The investment in a beautiful private room with ensuite bathroom and balcony € 1985* (Full)

*Payment plan is possible, reach out to hear more about it.

About the creators

Florine Gabriel’s (NL) work is based on the values of awakening, integrated connectiveness and connectiveness. She believes in the wisdom of the divine that is here to guide us, the moment we open our hearts and sink into having trust and faith.

Over the years she has done multiple trainings around self-development, transformation and communication. Voice- work and somatic embodiment are very present in her life. As she recognizes the power of your (true) voice and the density of the integrated embodiment.

She finished a Breathwork facilitator training with Tim Morrison in 2022 and has done multiple studies in ThetaHealing (Game of Life and Intuitive Anatomy etc.) since 2021. Through this training she connects you with source, guiding you through your limiting believe systems and supporting you into an aligned, free and purposeful life.

She is also an accredited KAP facilitator and has directly trained with the transmission vehicle and Venant Wong (founder of KAP) and is part of the first group of KAP – facilitators through Europe (2019). Through her embodiment, she is able to transmit a unique frequency, sometimes activating a lasting ability to see and perceive energy. She has studied with Pi Villaraza of Inner Dance in the Phillipines (2020) and with Elliott Saxby (2021) of the Kundalini Bodywork school in Switzerland. She is a Wataflow (water therapy) facilitator, Embodied Flow yoga teacher. She will guide the Immersion in English or Dutch, depending on the participants.

Joan Casamitjana Aguila (ES) is a long-term meditation instructor and has been sharing his knowledge and values of Being for the last 40 years. He is deeply connected with a Buddhist community in the South of Korea. The last years his focus has been on sharing the SAAMA therapy which helps you to let go of old rooted emotions and trauma’s. SAAMA is based on Quantum medicine, kinesiology, vibrational energy and the Myong Sang Chiyoo method. It unblocks the locks in our system and rebalances the physical, emotional and mind-body. Joan also offers vibrational therapy, to guide you on your path towards a better life, aligned with your purpose. Joan has also studied Chinese traditional medicine, is a Gnostic teacher and a Pilates and Physic instructor.

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