Retreats in NL

You are welcome to join one of the retreats that are organized in the Netherlands. Immerse yourself with like- hearted people and find your inner wisdom. The retreats take place at beautiful venue’s, were you can feel at home and are surrounded by nature.

November 2023 |  Holland

Heart Attunement & Self development


Are you longing to be more heart- centered? Unveiling the layers that are holding you back? Feeling ready to connect and listen to the wisdom of your hearts-truth?

In the intensity of daily life, we are asked to center in our heart-space. Can we stay in our center when chaos arises? Can we immersion in ourselves beyond the mind, stories and belief systems? What have we been holding back all these years? Where can we sink into presence and deep connection with our heart-space? 

Life is about centering yourself back into alignment. Into the essence of your being and this starts with journeying back to your heart. Starting with the connecting through energy with your heart and base. Where your powerhouse, authenticity and truth anchored.

Connection with your energy and the expansion of it when we dive deeply. From there we go into breathwork, where we work with the power of the will and giving yourself permission to go into the depth of belief systems and traumawork. Guided by process work, emotional release tools and somatic movement. Self- love practice to guide you further into integration. We will start the sacred opening with an with an heart-opening Cacao- ceremony.

The Immersion into love will end just before the weekend so that you have all the time to continue your integration process. It is a profound experience and open to all people, even those who have only practiced one thing of any given modalities.

– Susanne Harmes –
Had a wonderful weekend at the Immersion into love. Step by step you will be taken on a journey by Florine. To the layers you are allowed to break through. Florine has the gift of creating a safe place. To be able to open & express. The whole weekend fits together so well that you sink further and further into surrender and experience your essence more deeply. Everything is correct. The food, the safe place, the connection with each other and my own process. The process where I now feel it is safe to keep my heart open.

-Lisanne Goeman –
I experienced an amazing journey during the ‘Immersion of Love’ retreat. Sometimes we have to choose to walk up a steep hill or to courageously jump of the hill, even if it’s scary or hard. But my experience is that the love that is waiting for you in the end is breathtaking and so worth it! Florine, to me, is a beautiful guiding angel who creates a loving space where it feels safe to authentically express yourself and takes you – through sound, movement, touch and presence – on a journey Home.

Thank you so much dear Florine!

– You will be guided through – 

Heart Attunement

Life is asking us to slow down, soften and come into embodied experiences. In our sessions the focus will not be directly the activation of the Kundalini Awakening process, but first and foremost to find a deep connection with your heart center. Where you have the possibility and opportunity to open and connect with the Source. In the embodiment of this journey we start to feel empowered and to take ownership of our lives.

From this awareness we slowly, softly and with ease go into the density of the lower three chakra’s (feminine energy). Here we often hold on to traumas and (negative) beliefs, as well as our creativity, power, authenticity and life force energy is stored. To enter this journey, we gently open ourselves, surrender and trust the energetic process that has the possibility to guide you into the parts of you that have been hidden.

Breathwork and somatic healing

In Breathwork sessions we create space together to move through emotions, (blocked) energy, patterns and traumas. Trauma occurs when we experience a given situation too strongly, too fast, or for too long for our nervous system to fully process and integrate what happened. All the experiences in this or previous lives, strong or milder, that haven’t fully been integrated, remain present in our physical and emotional bodies even when the mind forgets.

A Breathwork session gives you the opportunity to open, let go, or transform the defensive armor that has been created. When these experiences (or traumas) are integrated, they can be released in the  emotional and physical body. This turns into a medicine to heal yourself.


In the process-work we will use various tools with several purposes, but focusing primarily on emotional release and vibrational attunement: Breathwork, Bodywork, Somatic Dance and other tools. Through these tools and experiences, stuck emotions can be released in a safe way. Somatic movement works directly with the nervous system to release tension and pain in the nervous system, which is often a result of trauma, unhealthy patterns and belief systems. By consciously bringing awareness to our nervous system through different tools, we van bring it back into a calm and peaceful state.


The power of the group

When we make deep journeys, we like exclusivity, we want intimacy and we feel often alone in our feelings and experiences.

Over the last years I have observed the opposite is true. We are here together, to truly be together. To meet each other in the vulnerability of our existence. In a space where we leave judgement out of the door and open our hearts for the infinite spaciousness that love beholds. I invite you to let yourself be immersed in the wisdom of sharing, of witnessing and being witnessed. Of trusting that the universe has your back and that we, as the group forms, are here to guide you on your journey. Are you ready?

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The location

The Immersion into Love, will be held in a beautiful sanctuary surrounded by nature and close to a water lake in the East of Holland.

The location is the perfect place to recharge and rejuvenate. All while being surrounded by a large garden, a natural water pool, highly energetic places and a spacious house where everyone can have their own space. There is also a beautifully spacious session room/ living room. Here you have all the space to slow down and integrate all the transformation we go through during the immersion. Let yourself be pampered!


The investment includes 4 days/3 nights stay at a special energetic place. All the sessions and workshops during this retreat. There will be delicious and nourishing food 3 times a day served. We will share the space with an intimate group. Last but not least, an unforgettable journey into new heart opening experiences!

Want to join or would you like to connect first and plan a call?

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