Welcome to this space where I share the things I love, create and believe in. Here you are welcomed, safe and loved. I invite you to remember the innate wisdom of your being. Let go of limiting believes and unlearn the conditioning that made you feel less than whole and live under pressure from the need to do more. Together we can build trust, rediscover your creative genius and find confidence in your powerful and complete being. I am here to support you on your journey back home, into your essence and in alignment with purpose.

KAP- Kundalini Activation Process

Are you ready to (re-)connect and align with your life force energy? To trust and surrender into the process of receiving a transmission and dance an inner dance of energy? The direct and unfiltered experience of KAP leads to a fresh, uncensored and direct life experience of your essence. Saying YES to authenticity, change, truth and awareness. 👉🏻 Read more…


Have you experienced feeling stuck or stagnant in your life? Trapped in your mind or body? Can you give yourself in deep surrender to this immersion and remembrance of the water that flows within and without? Wataflow is a one-of-a-kind aquatic body dance meditation, where you have the opportunity to align with yourself on a cellular level. Surrendering to the movement and fluidity of the water. To sense a safe and sacred space within yourself. 👉🏻 Read more…

Hi, i’m Florine

You are a gift to this world
Your presence, your heart, your mere existence.

“My work is an invitation to step into your original brightness and strength. To discover the truth of your heart and surrender on the path towards your essence. 

As an embodied energy facilitator, I am fuelled by a deep desire to break free from ‘unhealthy’, obsolete structures and belief. That we may all live in eternal freedom, from a space of truth, trust and surrender. In deep connection with our heart.”

Florine lives a life with presence. She meets each person with sincerity and loving awareness creating a safe environment which is conducive for surrender and release. Her voice is soothing, calm and nurturing. Her tone, words and energy enable the body to relax and go deeply into the process. She encourages the spirit to support and engage in your amazing healing and transformation. 

Florine guides you down the path towards self love and compassion making space to rediscover the infinite, unrealized potential which exists within each of us. She laughs and smiles, with a heart wide open. You will feel safe and home in the wisdom of her being, acceptance and love. Read more…


“The Immersion Of Expansion has been one of the most transformative events of my life as I feel like a total rebirth of my entire being took place. During the KAP-sessions I was able to connect to the divine like never before. I felt its presence in every single cell of my body. The energy made my body dance, I became the music and my body acted accordingly. There were moments where I felt like I was a channel for these divine movements and I now realise how healing movement, dance and music are for me and how much I just love it. It makes me so in tune with this beautiful body I have been given and it makes me feel so safe to feel, express, release and surrender to the divine will.”
Ellen Moens, Belgium

“I absolutely love my KAP sessions with Florine. Her energy, warmth, and her ability to create a safe space where you can be yourself, have helped me to go back to the essence and discover the potential we all have to live a more truthful and happy life. It also brought me clarity, peace, and more alignment to my soul path. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking for a re-connection to themselves. She is someone who you can trust and be vulnerable within your spiritual path. I could not be more thankful to Florine for this life-changing experience. ”
Alazne Errondosoro, Netherlands

Florine is a caring and loving woman and guides you through your own process. Primely your privacy comes to the first place and gives you a very safe feeling. I was able to really open up and experience full body expression. It was a great feeling to hover between earth and somewhere outer. Completely out of my head, into my heart. I can highly recommend Florine.

Rob Banen, Netherlands

KAP is a great complement for anyone in the process of outgrowing limiting patterns and repressed feelings. Even if you are not into spirituality, it works wonders for anyone just willing to feel more alive. The energy is ours, but the facilitator can make the experience a whole different world. I was looking to have a session with Florine only because she embraces fragility and vulnerability without judgment. She is soft, warm, and spreads the unconditional love that my mum could never provide. She made me feel held and understood while I was processing generations of abused women and frustrated men.
Great for the inner child, for the coming wild woman, and for any sovereign being willing to live by their very own truth.

Patricia de Lafuente, Netherlands

I have experienced my first session not long ago, hoping to feel something. How will I ever be able to describe what has happened and I have experienced. To surrender to this powerful and beautiful energy it’s an experience beyond words. Thank you so much!

Sergio Alcada de Raedt, Belgium

Florine creates a save container where you can go on a journey of surrender and trust within youself. In that way I can experience a sacred space throughout the sessions, where I can re- connect with my own life force energy and the energy that the group brings.

Renate Rienster, Netherlands

I have had multiple sessions with Florine and each time was different, unique and transformational. I had never expected to be able to meet myself in so much truth and authenticity.

Els Michielsen, Belgium

Florine is able to activate energy through your body in a gentle, but direct way. She leaves you in your power and strength and supports you on your way. I can highly recommend her, with her loving touch that brings inner peace, in a safe and sacred place. Thank you.

Bobby Baidjnath Misier, Netherlands

For me the kundalini experience with Florine was a let it go feeling. I was able to give myself immediately to the energy I felt in the environment which became awake under her supervision. The music started and it came by itself.
I felt strong impulses, images from confusion to openness and delightedness.

I felt myself moving, I felt intense energies moving from top to toe with images which enforced the energy. My inner question around my heart received its answers and I finally awoke with a light sword through my heart. After that I felt for days grounded and eased. A certain calming and acceptance in me and I still feel and see the light sword through my heart each time I feel the need to breath to my heart.

Els Dierendonck, Netherlands

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